Impacts of Climate Change and Land Use on the Southwestern United States
Erosion in the Rio Puerco: Geography and Processes

Geologic Map of Rio Puerco

Rio Puerco Geologic Map

Generalized Geologic Map of the Rio Puerco Basin. Areas with generally high sediment yield are darkly shaded. Geologic units from oldest to youngest are: Precambrian (PC), Paleozoic and Mesozoic sediments (Mpz), Cretaceous sediments (K), Tertiary (Paleogene) sediments (Tp), Tertiary basin fill of the Albuquerque basin structural basin (Tbf, TQbf), Tertiary basalt flows (Tb), Tertiary intrusions (Ti), Quarternary basalt flows (Qb), Quarternary terraces (Qt), and Quarternary sediments (Qs).

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