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Impacts of climate change on life and ecosystems

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Potential Effects of Global Change on Bats

Bat Monitoring

A comment by Sam Droege


Can you summarize bat montioring efforts in the SW to date?



Sam Droege

Bat Monitoring in the SW: A response

A comment by Mike Bogan

This is a quick response on the inquiry regarding bat
monitoring efforts in the Southwest.  To date, and to the
best of my knowledge, there is no coordinated effort to
monitor bat populations in this part of the US.  However,
in the last few years, there has been a marked increase in
efforts at better understanding both the biology and
status of bats in the Southwest.

As a group, bats present some unique and challenging
problems to those wishing to monitor their status.  There
is increasing concern for the plight of bats and the
likelihood that they are declining in numbers.  Several
states and private organizations are now involved in
assessing the status of bats, either locally or on a wider
scale.  Bat Conservation International (Austin, TX) is a
leader in this regard.

In addition, a recently organized informal group, Western
States Bat Working Group (WSBWG), is beginning to link bat
biologists and land managers together and is initiating
discussions on status and trends of western bat
populations.  The WSBWG is organizing a conference to be
held in Reno, NV in February 1998.  I can supply
additional information upon request to my email address
(  The Midcontinent Ecological Science
Center of USGS, BRD, has several ongoing efforts on bats.

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