USGS/NOAA North American Packrat Midden Database (version 4, June 2016)

Nomenclatural Synonyms

Plant taxa listed are botanical names used by midden analysts to identify plant macrofossil specimens.

Botanical names are listed as originally published by each midden analyst with possible minor changes in syntax (see the Data Structure link for syntactic rules). Some of the botanical names listed are no longer accepted names. Currently accepted botanical names (nomenclatural synonyms) are listed in parentheses beside obsolete names. Sometimes both obsolete names and currently accepted names were used to name fossil specimens, therefore a taxon may be represented in the list by more than one name.

It is not necessary to include all synonymous names in a search. If a taxon present in the list has a synonym that also appears in the list, that synonym will automatically be queried. For example, if you choose to query Larrea tridentata, its synonym Larrea divaricata (an obsolete name which also appears in the list because it was used to describe a fossil plant) will also be included in the search.

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